Best iPad 3 Apps for SEO Professionals

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique, which made it easy for the site owners to make their sites more visible on the internet. In simple words, you can say that if someone will use this technique on any site then the chances of visiting that site will be increased. The best part is that now, one can use this technique on any of one’s gadget including iPad 3.


Moreover, it is also a fact that nowadays, most of the developers are busy in bringing a change and creativity in the mobile or android based apps, and with the emerging trend of SEO terms, these apps are very helpful to cater the work at any place. With the help of these apps, one is able to provide the professional services for website owner including:

  • Maintenance of the content and upgrade it on time
  • Development of the content
  • Technical support in terms of hosting
  • Managing the business development campaigns online
  • Placement of the keywords
  • Making the web content available at the top ranked pages of Google search engine result pages.

Hence, in simple words you can say that based on all these features, iPad 3 have certain outstanding applications that support SEO professionals to provide services to the concerned web owner. Some of these most popular apps are:

Google Analytics

This is very powerful and designed on the same basis of original Google Analytics apps. However, the design for iPad is somewhat changed and has the multiple interactive capacity similar to normal web. With the help of these apps, one is able to report quickly in order to show the clients that their keywords are highlighted and visitors can judge them easily on their visit.

It also facilitates the users with the option of trial version but with some limitations of space. After the trial, any SEO professional can access it on the nominal charges and make his workability easier. Moreover, it has some additional features that support the professional to improve the performance of SEO tools at ease.

Word Press

Word Press is quite a popular app among SEO professionals. With the help of Word Press app, one can easily manage the editing, writing, and optimizing the blogs and web content. Besides this, the benefits include web hosting facilities for the users. Here you need to understand that when you are working as an online blogger, you have to be keep yourself updated, therefore, you can spread the news in the fractions of seconds. Thus, you can say that using this app, you can instantly manage the client’s requirements. Moreover, with these applications, you can also manage the postings on live blogs including Facebook and Twitter blogs without facing any difficulty. Thus, in simple words, you can say that it replaces the applicability of laptop easily.


With the help of VNC, one has the facility of maintaining the free server at the backhand side of the machine. This is the normally the windows machine that caters the functioning of online system for SEO people. However, with the help of this app, one can perform the same windows activities on the iPad 3 as well. Additionally, it will provide the facility of viewing the flash website on the iPad 3 just due to VNC. In this context, the headache of handling the instant messages and work has been solved.

In nutshell, all the blessings are on Steve Jobs, who has made the life easier and simpler by putting all SEO applications in this small machine through which one can fulfill their activities on time to satisfy clients. No doubt, it is the marvelous job that is appreciated by everyone.

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