Solved: Google+ Hangouts installation error on Jailbroken iPhone

Google launched Google+ Hangouts on iOS and Android, but some of the users who have jailbroken their iPhone have a problem installing it.

While you try to install Google+ Hangouts on your jailbroken iPhone you get the below error message.


If you a bit smarter than usual you can try intall via iTunes from your computer and you will see that the installation hangs at around 75-80% on the iPhone.

What do you do next?

The problem is Google+ hangout cannot install on iOS versions below 6.1, so you trick the installation that you have a higher version iOS, this is how.

Step One: Download iFile from Cydia

Step Two: Open iFile and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices

Step Three: Tap on “SystemVersion.plist”

Step Four: Open in “Property List Viewer”

Step Five: Change “ProductVersion” to a number higher than 6.1 (we used 7.0)

Step Six: Navigate to this URL on your desktop :

Step Seven: Download app inside of iTunes

Step Eight: Plug iPhone into desktop

Step Nine: Sync iPhone (ensure app syncing is on)

Step Ten: Google Hangouts is now on your device

Step Eleven (optional): We recommend to adjusting your iOS version back to whatever it was before you changed it.


The DNetWorks Team