Review: customised Hard case for iPhone 5

Smartphones are getting expensive by the day, today’s smartphones can do more than things than you expected a phone to do, but with the price tag they carry they need protection at the maximum level.

The screen is fragile, scratch-prone and easily breakable. Very few of us do not want to invest in a protective Case and a scratch-guard, but don’t you think, almost everyone has the same case on a smartphone as your? Agreedpas that there are crazy number of varieties available in the market but then somewhere or the other you are not satisfied with the fact that, there are 1000 other people using the same case elsewhere.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we get to personalise our phone cases like we do to our phone with wallpapers, ringtones and more? Now there is a way, has a wonderful web interface to get yourself a personalised hard case for your Smartphones.

It’s pretty simple to use the website and create yourself a customised case for your Smartphone.


You can design your Case in 2 Steps:

1. Choose your Smartphone

wrappz-hard-case-iphone5-review-132. Choose a pre-loaded image or upload your own images you would want on your Case and Voila!



wrappz-hardcase-iphone-5-custom-review-5 send across this amazing Custom designed case for the iPhone 5 with the logos we added to the design interface on their website.

Let’s go ahead and review the End product that we received.

First Look: customised Hard case for iPhone 5

We received the case at our offices in an envelope, when opened the Case was covered in Bubble wrap. There are no instructions or other details what-so-ever that come along with the case, probably because all the details are already available on the website.


A white case from the inside and there you see the design that you have selected, the case is manufactured from high grade hard polymer used on the space shuttle and it has no branding at all, which is great.


The built of the case looks great, it made us wonder, how long will the case last, because it’s glossy and scratch-prone, but after using it for a good 15+ days without any visible scratches, we are satisfied.


The print quality is premium, but, we had also send hi-resolution logo to be printed on the case.

Feel and Usage: customised Hard case for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 that the case was put on previously used the Incipio Feather Matte Black iPhone 5 case which was almost perfect, it protected the phone well and did not add bulk to the phone, but this did exactly the same.

If you think that the print might wear off, we don’t see that happening for the good enough usage period. There are rarely any scratches on the case, provided, it being glossy, but chances are the phone with this case might slip off your hand, hasn’t happened to us as yet, but it tends to get too greasy with the sweat.

The cut out don’t create any problems and you can still across the buttons on the iPhone pretty decently.

wrappz-hardcase-iphone-5-custom-review-3 wrappz-hardcase-iphone-5-custom-review-4

– Access to all ports and buttons without any troubles
-Create your own designs
– One of a kind case for yourself
– Unique

– Apple logo is hidden under the case
– Not much drop or impact protection since it’s thin and light
– Print may wear off
– Tends to be slippery at times

If you’re looking to have a one-of-a-kind case in the whole wild world, we would recommend check out. The quality is superior. Custom cases have been specially designed utilising temperature resistant polymers to work in tandem with our unique 3D sublimation process. cases are not only visually stunning but are also highly practical and provide robust phone protection.

Our Rating: customised Hard case for iPhone 5: 4/5

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