So, Google have churned out something brilliant, combining the Valentine’s day Doodle with the inventor of Ferris Wheel, George Ferris 154th Birthday.

The Doodle is a combination of a giant theme park cum zoo in the backdrop and 2 Ferris wheels, having the 2 O in the word Google, spinning and pushing out 2 Zoo Animals and then showing the love between them. The other letter of Google are seen in the amusement park rides, i.e. the roller coaster replaces G, Go Kart ride replaces the 2nd G, L is the Drop tower and E is the Merry go round.



The Google Doodle is interactive and is activated by clicking on the heart in the center bottom of the George Ferris Google Game. The game seems like a love match game, and by clicking it the wheels will spin similar to a roulette wheel, and provide an ideal match.

We  absolutely loved the Doodle what about you?

The DNetWorks Team

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