It’s great that Windows 8 comes with built-in features to let users know the latest updates from Facebook and Twitter.

It’s really good because it lets you view your entire address book from your email social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes. But if you want to get instant notifications and share your updates with friends on the social media platform, you need an app.

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Here are the top 10 social media apps for your Windows Phone 8 which you should consider integrating in your Windows 8 phones,  Check them out!

1. FlipToast

This social media friendly app lets you view multiple updates from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the same time. You’ll get live updates such as instant notifications, messages, birthday reminders, and your top 20 friends list. You can see all those while you scroll down the page. The app has a nice user-friendly interface which is fun to work on.


2. MetroTwit

MetroTwit encompasses some nifty options such as selecting how-to-mark replies, incorporating hashtag in your posts etc. The overall title view for photos is pleasant to the eyes, and the colors are attractive. That makes MetroTwit one of our favorite social media apps for Windows Phone 8.


3. Tweetro

The sophisticated interface of Tweetro neatly displays a range of social media updates such as photos, messages, listings, and timeline updates. Perhaps, the only trouble you may encounter is the slightly awkward placement of the buttons for Retweets and Replies. But if you don’t mind scrolling down the interface to view more updates then Tweetro is a great app for you.


4. Social Dribble

If you want to see tweets on trending topics in a single view, then Social Dribble is a wonderful app for you. It picks up the latest hashtags and presents the tweets neatly in your Windows Phone 8. So following a popular event such as an Apple launch is so easy with this app.

5. Digital Dictator

The user interface may not impress you, but it’s a cool app to post updates on more than one social media site at a time. Digital Dictator is available for Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and Foursquare (in your location).


6. NGReader

NGReader comes with an eye-catching interface for Windows 8 Phones – perhaps it’s one of the nicest among all social media apps. It displays a list of feeds and picks live updates from your timeline. If you want a change of view, you can flip to the titled view. Also, you can view pictures and headlines at a glance. One great benefit of this app is that, it syncs well with your personal Google accounts.


7. ReddHub

It’s undoubtedly the best app for Reddit users. You can view pictures without participating in debates, you can publish and reply to links, you can pin subreddits and do much more. Also you can send and share links on Reddit. Here you have it – the best app for Reddit users for Windows Phone 8.


8. Tumbukun

If you are looking for a funky app to update and manage your Tumblr account, then Tumbukun is the best choice for you. You can like or publish your own posts, reblog posts and do a lot more. The only drawback though is that you need to open a new browser if you want to terminate an existing post.


9. IM+

If you’re already using an IM service, then you may consider incorporating IM+ in your Windows Phone 8. Basically, it covers the essential web services such as Google, ICQ, AOL, Jabber, Skype, Facebook and Yahoo Plus besides other ubiquitous Messenger services.


10. Skype

Skype for Windows Phone 8 integrates Skype and Microsoft Messenger accounts into one. You can see your recent call list, chat list, and view your most contacted friends. Also, you can see your full address book titles. A great way to stay in touch with friends!


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