Nokia Lumia 820 – Thorough Review

The latest from the stables of Nokia is the Lumia 820 version smartphone. This is a sleek, stylish device targeted at the mid-market segment. Users, who crave for style and functionality at one go and cannot spare cash for pricey mobile devices, can go ahead buying the Nokia Lumia 820.


This smartphone is not the flagship device of Nokia, but it doesn’t fall short of any of the attributes that are usually present in Nokia smartphones. Let us check out the ‘haves and have-nots’ of Nokia Lumia 820 in this post.

Device -Design and Construction

If you are fond of sporting a different colored phone for every different occasion, you are in for a delight here. Lumia 820 is available in shades of yellow, red, and blue and in the usual grey and black.

You can opt for a specific color device and buy additional colored cases separately. These normal phone casings provide for wired charging, however, wireless charging options are available with specially made cases that can also be opted in various colors.

The Windows Phone 8 operating system is tiled in structure, and is better than the Windows Phone 7 in appearance. The many tiles on the screen can be resized to convenience and several apps can be placed on the opening screen for easy access. For instance, the camera is accessed from the start screen itself.

The aesthetic design of the user interface provides high end-user experiences. The apps open and close quickly, with seamless transition from one application to another, adding to the user experience.

Nokia Lumia 820 – Functionality


  • The phone can be used to synchronize with other devices with effortless ease, for apps, music, videos and much more. They act as an external extension of the hard drives of your palm top or PC, and so applications can be accessed from any device, any time.
  • The camera integration with the interface facilitates quick access and image capture. Three dedicated camera buttons and an LED flash for night photography are an added bonus. Nokia Lumia 820 is made for daylight photography and videography. Night shots are also comparable in quality, even though they are a little hazy.
  • The Internet Explorer is the browser in-built for surfing the Internet. The quality of streaming is high for 3G Internet access. The possibility of 4G integration has further extended the speed and quality standards of Internet streaming. The Internet has now become a part of the Lumia 820 interface with space for favorite websites, on the phone interface, itself.
  • Access to Nokia Music, introduces you to the new feature of ‘gigs’ that inform you about local music gigs performed in your area, so that you can drop by for live music.
  • Xbox Live in Nokia Lumia 820 allows gamers to indulge in 24×7 gaming. It is not necessary that you should have an Xbox 360 to access Xbox Live.
  •  Wireless speakers that work on Bluetooth for playing music help to convert your smartphone into a full-fledged music player.

Gone are the days when people considered grey and silver, the standard colors of stylish, mobile design. Now the Nokia Lumia 820 has transformed this space, with its dash of flashy colors and sporty design. However, the question on everyone’s mind is, will users around the world vote for ‘color is style.’

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