How Google Doodles came into existence – Story behind first Google Doodle

The first every Google Doodle appeared on August 30th 1998 as an update to the search Engine’s fans that the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be unavailable for the Burning Man festival period, and hence, there was no point in calling them or emailing them, even if Google’s servers crashes.

The Original Google Doodle simply depicted the Google Logo (at that time) with a Burning Man Stick figure behind the second ‘o’, this was the only Doodle designed by Larry and Sergey themselves.

After that, it become a trend for Google to replace the Doodle with a graphics or an interactive piece of information on dates that had a history behind it, between 1998 and 2000, the Google Doodles designs were outsourced, however, starting July 14, 2000, graphic artist Dennis Hwang was given responsibility for almost every non-interactive doodle ever produced.

Hwang was an intern when he got his first assignment, to do the Bastille Day Google Doodle, the doodle was liked so much that he earned a permanent place at Google as a Doodle overseer, well, that wasn’t his actual reason to be hired, he was hired as a Google International Webmaster, to tweak company’s content for countries other than the USA.

Hwang’s Doodles as a piece of Art are the most-viewed art portfolio in modern history, the reason, CORRECT, Google homepage is the most viewed and visited page on the Internet.

Hwang’s job wasn’t easy as it looks, he was asked to do the GMail logo a night before its release and the current logo is what he came up with.

Geek Trivia: The first Google Doodle appeared five days before the search engine was officially founded and you NOW know the reason why!