DuckDuckGo, a less popular but powerful Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is another Search Engine that could be considered as a credible search engine if not a serious alternative to Google.

It uses information from crowd-sourced sites (like Wikipedia) with the aim of augmenting traditional results and improving relevance. It feels a lot like early Google, The stripped-down home page, bears a resemblance to Google.


It’s no secret that Google tracks users with the help of Cookies so they can better target you with advertisements. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo positions itself as a search engine that puts privacy first and as such it does not store IP addresses, does not log user information and only uses cookies when needed.

DuckDuckGo’s results are a mashup of many sources, including Yahoo! Search BOSS, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and its own Web crawler, the DuckDuckBot.

DuckDuckGo’s founder, Weinberg has refined the quality of the search engine results by deleting search results for companies he believes are content mills, like Demand Media‘s eHow, which publishes 4000 articles per day produced by paid freelance writers, which Weinberg has indicated is “low-quality content designed specifically to rank highly in Google’s search index”. DuckDuckGo attempts to filter eHow results as well as pages with lots of advertising.

Consider the Search results I get while I try to perform Search for the term ‘fast’. Being a Support Engineer for FAST (a Microsoft Subsidiary), I am looking for the results pertaining to FAST ESP or Microsoft FAST.


What we get is a systematic categorization of results along with the number of results in each category. I am concerned with Software and Computing (FAST being an Enterprise Search Platform).


When I click on Software and Computing, FAST ESP is the top result within that category. Lastly, when I click on Fast ESP, I get the results as follows.


A similar search for FAST within Google gets us the result as follows.


With DuckDuckGo, there’s no auto-completion or instant search. Nor does it try to offer categories news or blogs or books or images. Also, it doesn’t provide an option to choose the category of results like Bing does before the search is performed like Web, Images, Videos, News, Maps or more.

But all these can be considered as Areas of Improvement for DuckDuckGo.

It’s true that at this point DuckDuckGo won’t be able to provide us with Search Results that are more relevant than the one’s provided by Google’s mighty Search team, it is still useful at bringing back relevant results.

Click here to visit the site and try it yourself.


The DNetWorks Team