Facebook for Pages Timeline Preview: How to get it right now; Official release March 30th 2012

When Facebook Timeline came out, everyone started to speak about how Facebook pages would looked if they were timelined as well, Facebook has done just that.

Facebook Pages now have timelines, the previews are available right away and admins who wish to publish the timeline on their respective pages can do so and get the new look instantly for all users who are connected to the Fan Page, however, the official roll out date for the New Facebook layout for Facebook pages is 30th March 2012.

We’ve got an exclusive preview for you for one of our startups DNetZone, here is D


Some of the features of the New Facebook Page Timeline design include:

1. Cover Photo for the Page.

2. A Provision to send message to the Page Administrator.

3. You and your friends interaction with the Facebook page is available on the right side

4. If you are the admin, an Admin panel button is available, that when pressed can make available all the admin features, here is the screen shot

Awesome isn’t it?

How to get the Facebook timeline for Pages right now?

Head over to the pages you admin.

You may get a notification like this

Hit the Preview Button


Optionally, add a cover Photo and hit the Publish Now Button and Voila!

Do let us know if you have any queries, oh and this how The DNetWorks Fan Page Looks

The DNetWorks Team