Use Computer’s Internet on Android – Reverse Tether

Tether is one of those famous features which are dreaded by ISPs, reason being one internet connection is shared by various devices and why no, if you have more than 1 devices which can tether you should definitely use it, it’s one of the most cost effective methods.

There are ways you can have you Android phone tether the internet that can be used on your computer, via Wi-Fi or USB connection. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do the reverse? i.e. Use computer’s internet connection on you Android phone.

This reverse tether tool has been developed by one of the XDA Developer’s community member, capslock666. This app is currently in beta and hence some of its functionalities like downloading apps from Android Market is not working for now, other function are working fine and they look promising. More than 20+ models of Android device tested by the developer and found to be working fine on all the device.


Steps to be followed to Apply Reverse Tethering:

  1. Download the app from here or here .
  2. Unzip the file, it contains three files, Windows, ADB and Android APK.
  3. Now, on your Android Device enable debugging. Go to Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging-> Turn On.
  4. In the downloaded app file, you will find a Windows file which contains AndroidTool.exe. Click on the AndroidTool.exe, it will try to find ADB, which is a low level communication tool in the C:\android-sdk-windows\platfrom-tools\adb.exe.
  5. If AndroidTool.exe is not able to find the ADB file then user need to specify path of the other ADB file installed.
  6. Once done with the ADB, hit the connect button to start tethering.
  7. Here, the SuperUser process will ask user to allow USB Tunnel, just click on allow button
  8. If the running process of Android crashes after receiving the allow permission from user, then simply close the window and restart it again.
  9. Now, launch the browser, if using chrome it will say internet connection not available but works perfectly on Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera Browser.
  10. The app will automatically detect ports like 80, 443, and 5228 which is used for http, https and Android Market.

PS: As, this app is in beta stage so it cannot able to forward small (ICMP) data packets which are used in PING.

Alternatively, you could use PDANET, which, however, is a paid app which serves the same purpose

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  • Francis Navida

    it is impassible to use nokia 5000 for reverse tether