Disable/Mute Android Camera Shutter Sound – How to

It is really annoying at times to hear the shutter sound on an Android or otherwise, sometimes you want to click without a sound, there are very few android phones in the market that allow you to disable the shutter and the beep sound when you click a photo, If you have rooted your Android phone we have a little trick going on here to disable the shutter sound

We are showing 2 ways you can disable/mute the Android Camera Shutter Sound

Method 1

1. Dig into the /data/ folder on your Android using a File explorer which can browse system partition on Android, we are using ESTRONG FILE MANAGER

2. Go to Settings and Enable, Root Explorer and Mount File System, by checking the boxes, see below

2. Goto /data/

3. Create a file called “local.prop” in /data/ if it is not there already. e.g. “/data/local.prop”

4. Open the file “/data/local.prop”

5. Add a line to file: ro.camera.sound.forced = 0

6. Reboot and all the sounds the camera application is completely silent.

7.To restore the sound, you can either change or delete the file local.prop code:ro.camera.sound.forced = 1


Method 2

1.Download local.prop.rar and unzip it

2. Copy the “local.prop” file to ADB folder

3.ADB push local.prop /data/ local.prop

4. Turn on the phone.

5. To restore the sounds, remove local.prop and restart


What this does it, it mutes the camera shutter and the beeping sound when the phone is in Silent mode, however, When the phone is in Normal mode, the shutter and beep will be heard.

Great Isn’t it. It doesn’t work on a Few Android devices, for them, the sound file is located at /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg  You can’t delete it, but what you can do is, replace it by copying/pasting a silent sound file with the same name using EStrong Explorer.

Or you could try out some Apps from the Android Market for Muting the Camera Sound, But remember, the App wil use up resources on your phone, hence this is the best solution

The DNetWorks Team