How to install Android Apps when it says “This App is incompatible with your device” in the Market

I was trying to Install Google Currents on My Samsung Galaxy S2 from the Android Market and all of a sudden I read “This app is incompatible with your Vodafone IN Samsung GT-I9100.” I go like What the H*ck, I want to install and try this Neat little app, I could hardly do anything to install it, when suddenly the Geek in me wakes up.

Since, I’ve done some Android development, I know that Android system keeps the details about the phone and other properties in a file called build.prop and this work-around came up. The 10 Billion Promo is going on in the Android market, this becomes more valuable right now than every before. Users with incompatible devices may want to download the on-sale apps for use with a newer, compatible device down the road.

The procedure, as you must have figured out is quite simple, YES, we will be editing an Android System File that we earlier mentioned, build.prop, now where can you find that file and what editing you need to do is the question.

[notification type=”alert”] Before going ahead, Please, do a Nandroid Backup, so you can roll back incase you mess something up, Secondly, We, at, The DNetWorks, hold no responsibility for any screw ups that happen when you try this. For which the chances are minimum if you do a Nandroid backup [/notification]

Oh and one more thing, this procedure requires your Android device to be rooted!, We have encountered that it works for most of us but SOME, just a few may not be able to get it working, even when you’ve done the right things.

Anyways here are the steps to install Incompatible apps on unsupported devices from the Android Market.

1. Clear data from Settings > Applications > All > Market

2.  Download and install your favorite File manager with Root access feature, we are using ES File Explorer Here is the Link.

3. Launch ES File Explorer. Enable both Root Explorer and Mount File system under Settings > Root Settings.

4. Navigate to /system. Here you will find the build.prop file. Take a backup of it by copy-pasting it to your SD card.


5. Open on build.prop with ES Note Editor. 

Make the following changes to ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacter

ro.product.model = Nexus S
ro.product.manufacturer = samsung

Note: You can change this to any other device. We chose the Nexus S because it is the most supported phone.

6. After the editing is done, Save the file.


If you followed the steps correctly, you should now be able to purchase and download incompatible apps from Android Market from your device.

The DNetWorks Team

  • jeff

    I did this on my galaxy y and whwn i restart the phone, im stuck in samsung logos, i cant open it anyway! pls help me reply asap!!!!! tnx!

    • Did you take a Nandroid Backup? If yes, restore it back to there, if not, then Reset is your only option, unless you are good with ADB